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Volunteer Roles 

The Yorkshire Dales Centre is a volunteer organisation and as such we rely on our members to organise and host all of our events. 

In times gone the committee had plenty of members (upto 15) and they shouldered most of the responsibility for organising the events schedule and pulling together the Rally Calendar. Each commitee member had a specific role and had to attend every commitee meeting throughout the year. 

Today we recognise that things are different and external forces often mean that a volunteers cannot be on the committee because they cannot commit to attending monthly meetings. Work, health, family and lifestyle pressures all combine to give the impression that individuals cannot be of assistance.


Over the past 18 months the current committee has worked very hard redesigning the operational structure of centre management and the way we do things. The current committee is only small however, the new systems and procedures we have put in place means that volunteers DO NOT need to be on the main centre committee unless they want to be. We intend to utilise small working groups and sub commitees to ensure things move quickly. These groups will have various responsiblities from increasing membership to organising events, compiling the brochure and 

designing and agreeing the Rally Programme. Ultimately they will report to the main comittee monthly but it is our hope that things can be far more flexible from here on in. 


We would very much like all our members to be involved in this process and not just the committtee and/or the Rally Marshalls and Assistant Rally Marshalls but we need people to come forward and help. 


If you can spare some time to assist us even if its on 1 or 2 hours a week/month then please get in touch and have achat with us. 







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