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Chairman's message - Autumn 2018

Dear Ralliers,


As I enter my 3rd year as Chairman I would like to thank those that supported me and encouraged me to go on to my final year.


Although the AGM was poorly supported the strength of feeling in the room for the centre was truly felt. For those that stood up and came forward to help keep the centre running I thank you. For those that stood up and made a commitment to the centre the centre members thank you. If there had not been such a wealth of support the Yorkshire Dales as it is would have not been here at the start of the 2019. With new Committee we have the foundations to build and grow.


 To all those that have helped the centre this year I thank you. I know there has been many of you, but a special mention must go to Simon and David for the web site - it still is one of the best out there and is a testament to your hard work and worthy winners of the John Wotton trophy.


The children have been attending rallies in numbers that we have not seen in a long time with 10 vans on the Halloween rally but 22 children attending.

 The Derek Harlock Memorial trophy was presented to Toby Pullen who has always amazed me with his smile and 'get on with it'attitude - well done.


The Centre: what is going well


·         We still have a healthy membership.

·         We still have a good group of core ralliers.

·         The rally programme although reduced is still varied.

·         We have proved as a centre that we can match any centre.

·         Dales Gathering and Children’s Sports have been a great success.

·         We have some younger families starting to rally regularly.

·         Many of your own Charities have benefitted as well as our own Centre charity.

·         We have a small but dedicated committee.

·         Financially we are in a good position compared to some centres.


What are my Concerns


·         There is a lot of negativity around the centre and rallying.

·         People are too quick to judge and look back.

·         People are unwilling to come forward; be that for rallies or be that for work, children or other commitments.

·         That problem is being compounded by those that have been the main stay of the centre stepping back.

·         The prices that we have to charge due to land owners putting prices up so we are competing with CLs and other clubs.

·         Centre members are finding alternatives whether that be another club or activity.

·         The lack of ownership commitment to the centre by some members.

Thing we can do


·         We can look at ourselves and ask 'do we want to survive as a centre or do we look to join another centre?'

·         We need to accept that things are not right and times have changed.

·         We need to start to believe in the centre.

·         We need to look to see what skills have I got and can I commit to helping the centre in any small way?

·         As a Centre we need to look at different way of working be that as committee or rally marshals.

·         We need to look at working smarter and use the technologies available.


I look forward to the up coming year - as I said we have the foundations to grow and adapt to the challenges.


Myself and the committee will be on the rally field; come and speak to us share your ideas of what you think of the things that will help the centre grow and survive these challenging times.


Final message comes from Colleen - she would like to see as many Children at the Christmas party in Eldwick Village Hall on the 15th of December. Let the committee look after and entertain the children while you spend time shopping!



Yours Aye


Don Hall

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