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16th June 2020 - Latest Covid secure guidance for rallying from the CAMC
CAMC - Covid Secure Guidance for Rallies[...]
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16th June 2020


Dear Members 

Thank you for your continued patience. 


We have now had confirmation from the CAMC of the guidance for holding rallies. 


Obviously this is subject to the government lifting the current lockdown measures 

with regards to non essential travel and holiday sites although we are anticipating 

this in the forthcoming weeks. 


As you can see, there are a number of things that the Committee will need to make 

arrangements for, but the responsibility is very much placed on the rallier to ensure

their own social distancing adherence. 


We suggest that you read the guidance and carefully consider your actions. 


The committee will also be issuing further YDC guidance on how we are going to accept

payment, and the processes dealing with the issues raised. 


I hope this is of assistance, however, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate

to contact me 




Richard Leach 
Hon Secretary
Yorkshire Dales Centre


13th June 2020


Dear Ralliers,

Further to the general discussions on Facebook we would like to update you on a number of issues.


1. As I’m sure you are aware, a significant number of CAMC staff have been furloughed and therefore obtaining information is even more difficult than normal. Please be assured we are making every effort to contact the CAMC and find out both the government and CAMC guidance and their ongoing positions.


2. We have (as some of you have seen) received a short email from Emma at the CAMC. I have followed this up and we are expecting further information and in particular guidance on whether rallying will be permitted and of course how we can do it safely.


3. We have had a committee meeting to discuss our position as a centre and the general feeling of the committee is we would like to re-start our rally calendar as soon as we are allowed and it is safe to do so. Obviously, this is dependent on a number of issues which need to be addressed. The primary concern is do our rally marshals want to run their rallies and if so how can we do it safely and with the least amount of risk. We are anticipating we may need to find new ways of collecting payment as well as the more obvious issue of how we social distance, however, all of this is subjective until we receive official notification of the dates and guidance being published.


4. As things are now beginning to move forward and targeted areas are being relaxed, I’m sure we will get to know more shortly.


5. We would therefore ask for your continued patience and we hope to have some positive news for you shortly.

I hope this is of assistance.


Richard Leach

Hon Secretary

Yorkshire Dales Centre

08/04/20 - latest information on Coronavirus
Corna Virus update 8th April 2020.pdf
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Guidance from the CAMC on Coronavirus
22/03/20. Good afternoon everyone. Further to the announcements in the news and today from East Grinstead, the Yorkshire Dales Centre must announce that we have suspended any rallies to the end of June 2020 to align ourselves with the Caravan and Motorhome Club. Our committee is planning to convene via video conferencing to try and keep abreast of things in the coming month. If any members have paid any deposits or full payments for rallies, we will be announcing the process to get these refunded to members in due course. Anything discussed can be subject to change as per Government advice.

Stay safe. Any questions can be forwarded to our secretary in the usual way.

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